How Long Do Crickets Live (And Why Do They Sing?)

how long do crickets live

Scientists have identified more than 900 species of crickets all over the world. This means there is a high probability of finding a cricket around your home but have you ever wondered how long they live for?

In this article we will answer the common question on how long do crickets live? But before we go into the detail, here is a summary;

  • The average lifespan of a cricket is 3 to 12 months.
  • Feeder crickets have an average lifespan of 8 to 10 weeks.
  • Field crickets live for 1 week on average

The Lifespan of a Cricket

The average lifespan of a cricket is 3 to 12 months.This varies from species to species.

Several other factors affect the life expectancy of crickets including;

  • Climate – In warmer areas crickets live for over a year. They thrive in environments that are a blend of warm and humid at the same time.
  • Predators- Birds and even cats love to feed on crickets. This means their lifespan decreases significantly to just a few weeks or months.
  • Habitat-In captivity crickets will live longer than when they are outdoors. Their lifespan outside is short due to dealing with the cold and even predators.

As there are so many cricket species, we will focus on the most popular.

Average Lifespan of a Cricket 
Camel cricket3-12 months
Feeder cricket8 – 10 weeks
Field cricket1 week
Jerusalem cricket2-3 years
House cricket8-10 weeks
Australian Field cricketA few months

As you can see from the table above, crickets mostly do not live past 1 year.

Male crickets die when the mating season ends while females live on until the next generation hatches. The male crickets have wings that give them the ability to chirp.

How Long Do Feeder Crickets Live?

Feeder crickets can live for 8 to 10 weeks. They only spend 3 weeks as adults.

Feeder crickets are usually kept at home to feed pet reptiles or as pets themselves.

Feeder crickets kept at home as pets should be kept in areas with a perfect blend of temperature and humidity. This means you should ensure you keep them in a box that is not too moist, and oxygen supply is efficient.

To increase their lifespans, ensure you give them enough food and water and keep their cages as clean as possible. Feeder crickets need a diverse diet for their growth.

Did you know that crickets love dark places? These creatures thrive in areas that are dark and damp.

How long do field crickets live

The average lifespan of a field cricket is 1 week.

Male field crickets usually sing to attract females for mating. It is interesting to know that the cricket that sings loudest attracts the most females. See how they sing!

Unfortunately, singing loudly makes them prone to predator attacks. The main causes of field cricket deaths are attacks by predators, diseases, and parasites.

Predators that love to eat field crickets are turkeys, blackbirds, ref fox, box turtles, and American toads. There is a virus that attacks field crickets causing paralysis.

Some parasitic wasps have been known to sting and paralyze field insects. They will lay their eggs in the crickets while they are still alive. Then the larvae of these wasps will keep feeding upon the cricket as they grow. How cruel is that!

Other insects that have such a short lifespan are butterflies. Poor guys!

How long do brown crickets live?

how long do crickets live

They have a life expectancy of 8 weeks.

They are also known as house crickets. Brown crickets are found inside residential areas.

They are commonly used as food sources for pet reptiles and also as pets themselves. Brown crickets should be fed with foods high in nutritional value to make your pet healthy.

Pet reptiles love crickets as they are high-protein snacks. Ensure the brown crickets are well developed as adults before feeding them to your pets.

How long do crickets live without food?

Crickets can live for 2 weeks without food. With no food and water, they starve to death.

They love to have a constant supply of food and water. Crickets can fight each other for food and even eat their own species to survive. The Mormon crickets have been known to have this habit of cannibalism.

How long do crickets live inside a house?

Crickets have a lifespan of 2 to 3 months in the house. They need adequate care and attention as they can easily starve if they lack food in the house.

Ensure crickets have enough food and adequate water for their survival. They are mostly omnivorous and can eat almost anything. Provide enough lighting for the crickets as well.

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Did you know that in some countries crickets are eaten as a snack that is prepared by deep-frying? This is mostly in the Southern parts of Asia.

Crickets contain a lot of protein compared to beef or chicken. You can consider adding them to your diet as they are healthy and also good for your pets as well. [1]

These insects are considered as signs of good luck, especially in China and Japan. They have been known to signify impending rainfall or financial windfall in Brazil.

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